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    I just join digits couple of days ago and having issues (volte enable/disable) in group chat of about 6 people there a friend who's on t-mobile whos not getting my txt messages  how ever if i txt him separate or on a 2 people group chat he gets them fine i have also issues receiving txt from my boss who's on ATT when she txt me directly but i get them fine under the 6 people group chat...


    basicly i have to login to the app to verified if i'm missing any txt as i'm hopping that the app it self is accurate and not missing any txt


    I sign up for the 1 number multiple devices   iphone 7 ( imessage disable ) and zte max pro  voicelte disable  on both  and there both from t-mobile.


    still waiting on my second/duplicate  sim card   so i been switching sim card and reset each time swap.......

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      • tmo_evan

        Re: group chat issues



        Sorry that you're having some issues here.  Sounds like we might need some more info to help clear up what's going on here.  I've tagged one of the forum admins so that he can reach out and get a bunch more details, but basically what we'll want to find out are things like the following:


        - How long ago did you turn off iMessage

        - Are some of the other people you're sending to also on iOS (and is that exclusively for the entire group?)

        - What device is your friend on T-Mobile using?

        - We'll likely also want to get all of the numbers involved in the chat and some timestamps of message that have been sent and not received etc.  (Things that you likely wouldn't want to or shouldn't share in public...)


        These kind of details will help for us to narrow down the issue and figure out where the bug is in the system and then hopefully get it all fixed up.

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        • tmo_chris

          Re: group chat issues

          Hey rrmelgar,


          I just sent you a private message. Please reply to me when you have a spare moment so we can start looking into this issue.