Voicemail and delete propegation Web RTC


    When I logged into Web RTC today it said I had four new voice mails. One from last tuesday 2/21/17 the rest from 2/16/17 (today is 2/24/17). The associated phone has no new nor saved voicemails. When I tried to open up on these voicemails in WebRTC I get "error in loading voicemail" and no option that I can see to delete those.


    Also regarding text messages, when I delete a message on my phone it does not seem to get deleted from WebRTC. Is that by design.

    I was going to check in the app on my tablet behaved the same but it wont open right now.

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      • tmo_evan

        Re: Voicemail and delete propegation Web RTC


        Sorry that you're having an issue here.  It would be great if one of the forum admins can get some more info from you on the issue.  As it would be good to have the team take a look at why you got some "phantom" voicemails in the web client.


        As to deleting voicemails, it depends... If you're using say the native voicemail app on the iPhone or another device, then the DIGITS ecosystem doesn't necessarily know that you've deleted it since it's at that point stored locally.  If you delete it from the DIGITS app, then it would be deleted across the board.

        • tmo_chris

          Re: Voicemail and delete propegation Web RTC

          Hey sbjarna,


          I just sent you a private message. Please shoot me a reply when you have some time so we can look into this with you.