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    I have a ZTE Pro phone and I like a lot of things about it.  Some issues I have seen others address the problem but not seen anyone address problems with bluetooth devices.  I have some Bose headphones that worked with my old phone and with other devices but with my ZTE, I can connect but usually within a few minutes, it will just stop playing and I notice my bluetooth has been disabled.  I try to turn bluetooth back on but it just turns itself right back off.  The only way I can get it to turn on again is to power the whole thing down and then turn it on.  Bluetooth might work for minutes or it might turn off almost immediately after getting it to connect. 


    One other problem is that when I received a call from someone, it does not display the name even though the number is in my contacts folder.  After the call, I can look in the call log and it will show the contact name and number but missed so many calls as I can't tell who it calling.  I looked in setting and it seems to say to display the name but not as expected and wanted.


    Anyone else having these issues with this phone?  Any solutions found?  Is this just something that have to wait for some future software upgrade?



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        The caller ID issue is because permissions are not granted to contacts.  So, you'll need to reverse that in the phone's settings menu.  That can be fixed.


        The BT issue is long-standing.  It was not rectified after the B09 update either.  This cannot be fixed.


        The fixes come from ZTE, which spent months trying to deploy the B07 update (started on B02) and months still before the beta release of the B09, which went live about a month or so ago.  I had to shelve my ZMP and it sits in its box awaiting either a fix (for backup now) or for someone to buy it.


        Connectivity and picture message issues are the 2 biggest complaints on the ZTE forums.  I'd encourage you to check out ZTE's forum, because while there is a lot of help here for general issues, not many T-Mo customers bought this phone.  It was mainly a MetroPCS device. 


        Other than you and I, I have seen very very few others post here with any questions, and I'd expect that, if many people had this device, given all the multiple issues this phone has, there'd be a lot more chatter here.