duplicate text messages gear s3


    While using Digits I am getting each text message sent and received twice on my gear s3. One from the SIM card receiving it and one from the phone syncing a message over. I know how to turn off the notification for this but that is not stopping two messages from appearing when scrolling through the messages app on the watch. Is there a way to turn off the messages from duplicating without severing the bluetooth and other connections to the phone. I want to continue to use the watch as designed and not rely fully on LTE.


    Hardware information:


    Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930T)

    Build Number: MMB29M.G930TUVU4APK1



    Samsung Gear S3 (SM-R765T)

    Tizen version:

    Software version: R765TUVU1APJ9

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      • dshrum84

        Re: duplicate text messages gear s3

        Have you tried a soft reset?


        As a question, I'd like to know why you think it was "designed" to operate connected by bluetooth all the time.  I feel the opposite, that if I wanted to be connected by bluetooth all the time I wouldn't have gotten a LTE capable watch.  I had issues just in my apartment of walking in and out of bluetooth range.  It was annoying at best.

          • davidebrock

            Re: duplicate text messages gear s3

            A Soft Reset wouldn't do anything as this is a digits issue.


            The watch was designed to operate via bluetooth at all times. This was how Samsung has made this and is why they have their Call Forwarding option built into the watch. The Gear S3 has a Bluetooth variant as well and the sole difference is the LTE capabilities while the remaining software is identical. If this were to be standalone 24/7 there would also have been more applications that do more while not being linked to the phone such as seeing phone notifications, email, messages, etc. All this tells me that this was designed to be using Bluetooth as well. The reasoning for the messaging duplications is because of the watch being on Digits which it was not designed for nor have had an update for yet either. (hope that made sense)

              • dshrum84

                Re: duplicate text messages gear s3

                I can get notifications from every app I have while remotely connected.  I think they wrote the software for the LTE version then put it on the bluetooth only version instead of the other way around, and since you can also remotely connect to the phone using the watch's wifi, that indicates to me that they designed in several ways to avoid staying leashed to the phone via bluetooth.  Why put almost a phone's worth of connectivity into the watch and make it possible to do most anything the app devs will let you if they just wanted me to stay within 30 ft of my watch all the time to do anything?


                I've been using the watch on Digits almost flawlessly since I got it.  It sounds like you're experiencing a technical issue.  Even in standalone my watch sends and receives as though it's my phone's number.


                Apps will only be fully integrated as the app designers take Tizen and it's customer base more seriously as a market.  Samsung can't make everything happen themselves, some of that will have to come from us using the watch and more people buying it.

            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: duplicate text messages gear s3

              Hey davidebrock, is this still an issue for you? If so, please reply to the private message I sent you here: https://support.t-mobile.com/inbox


              I'll get a bug report filed for this and have our engineers take a look at this for you. Thanks!

              • tmo_marissa

                Re: duplicate text messages gear s3



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