MMS not recieved on primary SIM


    I sent a group text with two pictures today that were received by the group.  When they responded (text only) the response was only recieved on my second "digits" SIM sharing the primary number, never on my primary phone.


    Is there a known problem here?

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      • tmo_evan

        Re: MMS not recieved on primary SIM



        Sorry that there's an issue here, just some questions...


        What is your primary phone? 

        What is your secondary phone -- and is that one running the DIGITS app or is it using a duplicate SIM?

        If either of them respond individually do you get the text messages?

        Has this been consistent or did it just start happening now?


        Knowing this will help get us started if there is a known issue you're running into or if there is something more serious that we need to investigate.


        Thanks for helping out with the DIGITS beta!

          • jonpaterson

            Re: MMS not recieved on primary SIM

            Primary Phone is Nexus 6P

            Secondary phone is LG watch sport - digits duplicate SIM


            test conditions:


            Direct text to my primary number - received on Primary, duplicate SIM, Digits web app

            MMS text direct to primary number with image - received on primary, duplicate sim, digits web app

            Group Text with text only - Received on Primary SIM, Secondary SIM, Digits web app

            Group text with image - recieved on duplicate SIM, Digits web app MISSING FROM PRIMARY SIM



            The issue that is replicable seems to be the group text with image.