Apps to sd card || LG STYLO 2 PLUS


    Can you move apps to sd card for the LG STYLO 2 PLUS?

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      • claysellers2

        Re: Apps to sd card || LG STYLO 2 PLUS

        No you can not, LG phones put the SD card and Internal storage in one. As a result moving Apps to SD card is not possible.

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Apps to sd card || LG STYLO 2 PLUS

          Hey ashler!  This is a good question.  I can't find a menu flow in the LG Stylo 2 Plus's user manual for this, but I use an LG V10 so I played around with my own phone to see if it was possible.  I can't confirm that this is the same for every LG device, but it's worth a try.
          Go to Settings, and then General, and then Apps.  Tap the app from the list that you want to modify the storage settings for - I tapped Audible, for example.  Then, on my screen, I see the app's name at the top, then Force Stop and Uninstall buttons immediately below it.  Underneath that are app details.  The first item is Storage - in my phone, if I tap Storage, that takes me to another screen.  At the top of the new screen, it says Storage used..... Internal storage, and I have a button immediately below that on the right that says Change.  If I tap Change, it lets me move the app to the SD card.  Does that work for you the same way?


          - Marissa