Can you activate NFC?


    i read on various foruks that NFC is a feature on this phone. All.models use the same Qualcomm Chip and apl you need is release a Software Update to.enable NFC  and the Fingerprint reader. If it has then it can support NFC. I need to use Android Pay and your Tech Support said this phone has NFC and a Fingerprint Scanner. Please work on activatibg NFC as my Nokia Lumina 640 had it. I dont see the menu on the Aristo to activate NFC.

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        There is no NFC and no fingerprint reader.  The button on the back is the power button.

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          Hey travelplus!  Thanks for posting.  I looked through the User Manual for the Aristo and I don't see any NFC instructions listed - I don't think you're missing a step in the menu, it looks like the device simply doesn't have this feature.  I'm sorry that we informed you incorrectly - it looks like our documents have information that contradicts what I'm seeing in the manual.  I am so sorry that I can't give you the instructions you're looking for, but I sincerely appreciate the time you took to post so that we can reach out to get these documents corrected.  Thank you very much.


          - Marissa