Called to request unenrollment from DIGITS beta a week ago, but no update


    I called DIGITS support on 2/16 (almost a week ago) to request that I be unenrolled from the DIGITS beta. (I'm on the 1 number, multiple devices version, and did not ever have a duplicate SIM) My main reason for requesting unenrollment is that I rarely used the DIGITS features and I've been having issues with my new voicemail notifications disappearing after 2 seconds.


    I haven't received an email confirmation and I can still login to the DIGITS website.


    Should my unenrollment request still be pending this long?

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      • tmo_evan



        Sorry that the loop wasn't closed on this.  You were likely removed almost instantaneously - what you were removed from was all communications about the beta for DIGITS.  However we don't remove your access rights to DIGITS simply since some of those services are things that are now part of the core network.


        Sorry that it wasn't working out for you, if you can provide more details about your issue with the voicemail notifications disappearing that would be great since we're trying to capture all of the customer issues as possible that are going on in order to improve the product.


        Thanks for helping out!

          • bulldawg2000

            No problem. I don't really care if I still technically have access to DIGITS or not, as long as this voicemail issue can be fixed:


            My device is a Samsung S7 Edge unlocked edition (G935U) running Android 6.0.1. [this is the version of the phone sold by Best Buy that doesn't have the T-Mobile specific firmware installed, so no native DIGITS support built-in] I have manually installed T-Mobile's Visual Voicemail app (version from the Google Play store.


            I don't have any other devices configured with DIGITS and I don't have the DIGITS app installed on my phone.


            When I receive a new voicemail, I briefly get a notification, but after ~2 seconds, the notification disappears. If I then open the Visual Voicemail app, I can see the voicemail there, but it has already been marked as read. It seems like something is sweeping my voicemail account every few seconds and marking everything read, so that my new voicemail notifications are disappearing.


            This is a pretty annoying bug because unless I notice I had a missed call and manually check my voicemail app, there is no indication that I might have an unlistened to voicemail if I miss the brief notification that completely disappears after 2 seconds.



            Thanks for your assistance!