Will the Alcatel LINKZONE work outside of the US?


    Will the Alcatel LINKZONE work outside of the US?

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      • tmo_lauren

        Depends on the frequencies for the area!


        Would you be trying to use it with T-Mobile service?



        • tmo_mike_c

          Hey there! Did you still need more clarification? Please come back and tell us if you need more help.

          • rgt2122

            I just came back from Mexico and was very disappointed to find out my Alcatel LinkZone Hotspot with a pre-paid sim from T-Mobile would not connect to Telcel or Movistar. However, when I put the sim in my iPad it worked very well.


            I contacted T-Mobile and was informed that their HotSpot would not work because they prevent it from connecting as they can't promise good service with "tethered" devices. I explained that this is not what I was told at the T-Mobile store before I later purchased the Alcatel LinkZone. Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do.


            So, I don't think it is a frequency issue. As the iPad worked well and it could still run as a Hotspot with no issue, I don't think it was a performance issue either. Likely it is a cost issue, which I could understand if I was using an Unlimited plan. Buy I was on a PrePaid Data plan that had a specific amount of data for a set price. There is no risk to them with that kind of plan.


            Botton Line - per T-Mobile your Alcatel HotSpot will not work outside the United States as they don't allow "Tethering".