Why does "Device Block" keep getting added to my line?


    I have two lines on my plan. I was on Simple Choice until recently and just switched to T-Mobile One. Both of my lines have had unlimited data from the beginning.


    I noticed a couple months back that I had a "service" on one of my lines called "Device Block." The description it provides is "Blocks all chargeable messages (e-mail, text, picture, and instant messages). Please note: If you select this service, you will no longer be able to send or receive any type of messages, even if you have a messaging bundle. This service may not block all e-mail, instant, or text messages." It's listed after my Data Pass, Plan, Data Service, etc...:

    Device Block.JPG

    If I go to Change Services I am able to remove it and process the update. Once I log out of my account and log back in, the Device Block feature is selected again. This is only present on one of my two lines.

    Is anyone able to provide some insight into this? The first time I noticed it was after I had signed up for the Digits Beta but it may have been there before that. I have since asked to be removed from Digits Beta but it's still there, so it could be unrelated. I still receive SMS and MMS but the fact that the service is selected there concerns me.

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