why did my sd card suddenly stop working?



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      • Corrupt card maybe?  Try to reformat it in phone settings?  Remove and try reformatting in a PC?  Try a restart or power down and remove it, then reinsert it and restart?

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          • theartiszan

            Re: why did my sd card suddenly stop working?

            I would first try to read it in a computer via a card reader and adapter. If it fails there,  then your card went bad and you probably can't recovery anything. If it works with a computer,  backup your information then put it back into the phone and try and format it. In either case,  formatting with the phone right away might get it working again but would not easily be able to recover anything from it.

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          • barcodeable

            what brand sd card was it? what the size?  and where did you buy it? and How long have you had this sd card. Has this card been used in other devices?... the card could also have a virus... if the card is causing a problem in your phone, try using a totally different sd card and see what happens.....


            there are a bunch of sd cards available online, and many of these inexpensive cards can be cheap knock-offs of the original brand. Sometimes it pays to buy the real deal... and sometimes you get what you pay for. cheap sd cards are prone to be defective. I have to admit i have purchased a few cheap cards... and they usually were slow ... some sd card manufactuers have information on their websites on how to distinguish the fakes from the genuine.  Im not at all stating you have a FAKE SD CARD.... im just tossing my 2 cents into the barrel and letting you know the possibilities.

            so if you bought a 64GB Micro SD card online for $10. i would lean toward it being fake....it may work... but the card could have bad sectors....

            i would personally stop using the sd card in the phone and put it in an sd slot of a computer and copy whatever personal data off of it .... then i would run some test on it using a computer... then reformat it as well as snn_555suggested....

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