Free iPhone 7 promotion scam!


    In September of 2016, when the iPhone 7 came out, T-Mobile offered a promotion in which it’s customers can trade in their iPhone 6 for a free iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 would be free in that I would be receive EIP bill credits posted to my account every month for 24-months. I traded my phone in, and although it appears as they credited me in the first couple months, this month they didn’t. They didn’t either last month and I had to call and speak to management. If the promotion was for a FREE iPhone 7, why am I still being charged the EIP every month?


    I have called customer service and each time I have received a different response. Also, I don't know if the customer service headquarters are base outside of the US, but each rep I spoke had a hard time speaking English which made it very hard to communicate and get my questions answered.


    Any assistance would be great.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Free iPhone 7 promotion scam!

        Hey jorsat!  I hate reading that you're not receiving your monthly credits for this promotion.  It's a good sign that the lump sum credit was issued, but crazy to hear that the monthly adjustments just disappeared after a few months.  Since the Support Community is a user forum, we aren't able to take  a look at individual accounts here - but we definitely want a team to take a closer look at this.  Since you've already taken the time to outline this issue, would you be able to reach our to our T-Force team?  You can contact them through Twitter or Facebook - in those channels we can authenticate your account details so we can see what's going on.  You can copy and paste the above message into a DM with one of us there, rather than repeating yourself all over again.  Please let us know how this goes!


        - Marissa

        • domico01

          Re: Free iPhone 7 promotion scam!

          I returned my Iphone 5c to preordered the Iphone 7 in October. Same story as everyone else with countless hours on the phone with no credit. Please let me know if anyone has received there credit yet.

          • rvenn

            Re: Free iPhone 7 promotion scam!

            I'm have a similar issue.

            we payed off our iPhone 6 $100 to turn it in to get the free iPhone 7 on sep 9 2016. The first day of promotion.

            did not have to change to new plan because people from sep 9 to sep 14 do not have too. was told I phone 7 would be free 5 times. Did not want to turn perfectly good iphone 6 in to purchase new phone. 8 months later I noticed I have been paying for the iPhone 7. $28 a month Hidden under my sons phone on bill. Been working with customer service and store manager to no avail. So my iPhone 6 was stolen by T-Mobile because they won't return it, and I'm paying for an iPhone 7 I did not want to pay for.