How can I delete contacts that I have uploaded to the cloud?


    Now that I can link my Google account and utilize my contacts there I do not want a shadow copy in the T-Mobile Digits cloud.


    How can I delete the contacts I have uploaded?


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      • azdreamscape

        I want mine gone, too!

        Allegedly, the way to do it is to delete all the contacts from your device and then re-sync that using the DIGITS app.

        Someone said they tried it, but then the old contacts were automagically restored in DIGITS. That person has not come back to the forums.


        There needs to be a direct way to edit the contacts in the web interface.

        Maybe I want some contacts on the computer that I don't want on my phone, or vice versa.

        I'm exceedingly wary of deleting contacts from my device (and be left with nothing) to no avail.


        My Contact list is nice and orderly on my phone, but is a jumbled mess in the web interface.

        I'm leaving the phone the way it is.

        • justins567



          I have played with the contacts aspect of digits extensively and have yet to find a way to delete the cloud contacts as well.  I think, one time when i hit log out and choose to delete all data it deleted everything from the cloud because when i logged back in my cloud tab was empty until i did a sync. 

          i have another thread on here talking about contacts and came short of saying that the contact management in digits leaves ALOT to be desired.  The digits team is taking the feedback and i hope to see some major improvements to contact management

            • tmo_evan





              We hear you and have plans to make some serious changes to how contacts are managed.  It's not going to be quick for us to make this change and it may not satisfy everyone, but we do realize that you want some organization, structure and that the contacts you have on one phone or device may not be the contacts that you want somewhere else.


              Right now we're working hard to get at least your Google Contacts (and other services eventually) to persist in the web experience.  Once we have that we can start making some other improvements around what contacts we show on the web vs what is available on the phone.

              From an approach standpoint, the DIGITS team doesn't want to manage your contacts since you likely have them already in iCloud or as Google Contacts or even Exchange and thus replicating and building an entire contact management solution across the board for most users probably isn't the right thing to do.  We implemented a super light weight contact upload simply so that when you go into the web experience there should be some names associated with the numbers (since who really knows the numbers these days anyhow) without having to link your Google or other contacts - that experience as noted by you all and many others needs some work, which we obviously have on the list of things we need to fix.

              Please keep the feedback coming since this is an important way for us to understand where we have things that we need to improve in the overall experience.

              If anyone does really want to have their uploaded contacts blown away, please have one of the forum moderators reach out to me with your T-Mobile ID and phone numbers and I'll ask one of the team to look into resetting it.


            • justins567



              Hey Evanmf -- wanna come do support and QA at my company, sheesh we could really use a few folks here like you for our development teams!!! 


              All Joking aside though  its nice to hear some updates are in the pipe,  as you stated being as the point of digits is a second number, i agree i personally really dont want ALL my contacts including personal tied up with my DIGITS stuff.    Im excited to see what your teams come up with in the future though!  ill sit here patiently playing nice in the sand box!

              • rpanchapagesan

                Hi evanmf,


                Can you help me delete the contacts in my DIGITS cloud account? What information would you need to reset that? With multiple T-mobile lines that I am having now (and accidentally synched up two devices' contacts), and after having successfully connected to both Exchange and Google account.... jeez, my contact list is simply mind-blogging




                • tmo_marissa



                  This thread was the product of our fantastic collaborators during DIGITS Beta! As many terms have changed and bugs have been exterminated since the Beta launched, the information here may no longer be accurate. If you still have a question, please search our active threads or ask a new question in the DIGITS space!