Bugs (re-)installing Android App.


    Due to a SYSERR00012 I had to uninstall and re-install the DIGITs app on my Samsung Tab E.

    I encountered a couple of issues:


    Repro steps:

    1) Uninstall and re-install the DIGITS app.

    • When asked to grant rights, do so.
    • When asked to Authorize, do so. (Go to link texted to phone, etc.)

    2) Arrive at screen to "Select the lines..."


    ISSUE 1: Only my primary phone is listed.

    Previously both my primary phone and my home phone were listed.

    (Actually, my wife's number (tablet?) was listed too, but that wasn't intentional, and I may have had my virtual line listed, but I didn't ever use it on the tablet, so I may be remembering wrong.)


    3) Turn on phone number by selecting the slider button.

    The slider button disappears and is replaced with a rotating wait circle. After a few seconds, the wait circle disappears, a "Continue" button appears, and the slider button re-appears but displays as off.

    Actually, the Phone line says "Connecting" in fine print but the first time through I didn't notice that. I just saw that it was shown as off.


    4) Select the slider button again.


    ISSUE 2: Lose ability to continue.

    The phone line does appear as active, but the Continue button disappears.

    Hitting the back button has no effect.



    NOTE: I can get around this by selecting the slider button to disconnect the line, wait for slider button to reappear, then selecting it again to activate the line, wait until the Continue button appears AND for the phone line to appear active, then select the Continue button.



    A) Not sure why the phone numbers I had connected to earlier weren't listed, but if I was using them before, I shouldn't have to jump through any extra hoops to get them again. Out of interest, a note on the screen said I could go to settings to enable lines later, but they aren't listed under the app's settings. Also, I went to https://mydigits.t-mobile.com/consumer/#/lines and I couldn't find any way to connect it there.


    B) When a line is connecting:

    • Don't show the Continue button. (Or at least don't let it be active.)
    • Don't let the slider button be active
      OR Instead of a slider button, show some sort of Cancel button. (Do the slider buttons have a 3rd state? Like half way active?)

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      • tmo_evan

        Re: Bugs (re-)installing Android App.



        Thanks for all the feedback:

        Issue 1:  This is related to how you logged in this time, versus other times.  For the beta we've been recommending that people log in with their T-Mobile ID email and password rather than granting access to "a" number and authorizing.  What happens is if you grant access to "a" number you get to use 1 and only 1 number in the client since you're basically asking for permission to use a single number.  When you log in with your email and password you are given access to all of the phone numbers that are associated with having usage rights for your T-Mobile ID and thus could be lots of different numbers, etc.


        Issue 2: Thanks for the feedback on this, the team has been working on that UI a few times and seems to still not get it quite right.  I'll make sure that the feedback gets passed along.


        Sorry that you were having the initial issue which caused all these other things to cascade, we've gotten to the root of that one hopefully so login should work properly.


        Thanks again for helping us out with the DIGITS beta!