Call quality issue in Galaxy S7 with Multiline enabled




    Recently I did a warranty exchange and got a new S7. When I put my primary SIM card in it, the multi-line settings were enabled at one shot and the VoLTE option got removed as explained by tmo_evan in the link: S7 Edge VOLTE setting missing .


    But the call quality both from primary number (to local and international numbers) and virtual number (to local numbers) is very bad, robotic and noisy. Its nowhere nearby compared to the call quality when VoLTE is enabled explicitly. Is it a known issue with DIGITS enabled in S7? Because previously in my S6 I did not have a call quality issue with DIGITS enabled. I am trying to figure out if its a DIGITS effect or a device issue.

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      • tmo_evan



        Well that doesn't sound good (both figuratively and literally)!  Are you getting poor voice quality to every number you are calling to, no matter where you call from?


        If so, this sounds like a device issue rather than a DIGITS issue.  If it's only in certain locations it could be that there is something different with the particular S7 audio quality issues but in theory it should be a great sounding call from anywhere.

          • debjitjdv



            To answer your question, yes. The voice quality is horrible no matter which number I call (local or international) or from which number I call (primary or virtual) or from wherever I call (I meant any nearby zip codes around my home and work place).


            I did a little experiment. Since I have multiple device one number enabled as well, hence I have a duplicate sim card of my primary number which I put in my Galaxy S7 but the problem did not get resolved. It removes any SIM related issues.


            Then I put both my primary and duplicate sim card in my backup iPhone 6S and the call quality is awesome and HD clear. This ruled out any network issue as well both from TMobile side and recipient network. The only thing remains is the S7 itself. It may be an effect of Nougat update or the device itself faulty. I am trying to work out a warranty replacement with the support team. Because definitely I want my primary device to be working in its full capacity.

          • magenta878

            I have a S7 edge and there was no voice quality issues till I enabled the multi line settings. After that the voice quality was poor, so poor that people on the other end heard almost nothing - though i was able to hear them. I almost lost a client due to that issue. I then disabled the multiline completely, not just turn off the secondary line, and the quality improved dramatically.So looks like there is a MAJOR issue with the multiline settings. This may not be a device issue. I am still testing and also have a trouble ticket open with Tmobile. I am sincerely hoping that this will be investigated and resolved soon.