Receiving "REG99" unable to connect error.


    I have a brand new LG Stylo phone running Android, which I purchased so I could use "Wifi Calling" whenever and wherever I am connected to the internet over wifi.


    I keep getting a REG99 unable to connect error.


    I managed to get it to work, but being old, cannot remember what I did.


    At the moment, I am in the UK - trying to connect over BT wifi.


    Any ideas? I have read the other threads.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey nigel55us - this is a bummer of a problem to have with a brand new phone while you're overseas!  We have a few troubleshooting steps for REG99 errors on our Wi-Fi Calling troubleshooting page - can you give this a shot?

        1. Make sure of the following:
          • You don't have third-party apps using Wi-Fi.
          • Your device is on current software version. Check the how-to guides for your device on the Devices page.
        2. Turn off Wi-Fi for one minute.
        3. Turn Wi-Fi back on and retest the issue.
        4. Restart your device.

        If you still have the issue after this, we'd need you to Contact Us so that we could take a look at what back end account or provisioning issues might be causing this problem.  Near the bottom of that page on the left hand side, you'll see our international roaming number - if you've got your T-Mobile SIM, you should be able to dial this number without incurring any roaming charges.  Please let us know how this works out, and I hope you're having an awesome trip aside from this hiccup!


        - Marissa