Can someone buy the Sim Kit for this plan in stores, and not activate it until months later? I'm traveling there by the end of the year and a friend can buy me the sim beforehand so I can call an uber to pick me up at the airport and stuff like that when I arrive.


    Also, can you activate it online or only by phone?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Tourist Plan Info

        Hey valeriarodriguez!


        You have some great questions about the Prepaid Tourist plan that we offer. I think it's great that you're planning ahead. You can pre-purchase the Tourist Plan SIM kit here, but both the credit/debit card and ship-to address are restricted to US addresses. It sounds like this option will work for you if a friend in the US is willing to help out. You can activate it online once you make it to the US. One other thing that I would like to note is that the cost of the SIM kit also includes the 21-day plan. Do you plan on being in the US for more than 21 days?

        • valeriarodriguez

          Re: Tourist Plan Info

          Hello, thanks for the answers.


          Does the activation online works 24h? Because I'm getting there around 10pm.


          And yes, Im only going there for 8 days, so it works perfectly for me.


          I have already use this plan before, but this time I need to get it sooner since I'm not renting a car and I'm arriving in the early morning to my final destination.