LG4   Is there a solution to getting the screen to turn on


    LG makes you double tap the screen.  (No physical button).  I often have to double tap multiple times.  Sometimes have to do battery pull.  Phone is on.  If I get an incoming call, screen usually lights up. 

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey miket - it's been a while since I used my G4 (I switched to the V10 almost a year ago now), but I remember the double tap pretty well.  With the G3 there was a settings option to disable this feature, but that doesn't seem to be the case with the G4.  How frequently is your phone making you double tap more than once?  Has it always been like this, or is this a new issue?  I did a quick search online and it looks like there are a few third party apps that tout themselves as the fix to this problem, but having never used one (and since we only support native applications) I'm reluctant to recommend any - have you given any of those a go, or is that something you're open to?


        - Marissa

          • miket

            Marissa -

            Thanks for the detailed response on a Sunday morning!

               I'll look into finding an app.   It is now so bad that I am thinking of spending the $$$ to get a new phone.  It has always been a minor problem


               The physical button on the back doesn't help w. this problem.  It is used to turn off the phone - but since the screen doesn't light up, can't use it for that either.  (I leave my phone on 24/7-so that doesn't matter.)   I've tried using the back button by pushing it in for several seconds, or mimicking a double tap w. it.


                 My phone died a few months ago - 16 months old.  LG said "send it in".  Emailed me a FedEx label.  I figured if they came back w. a big repair estimate - get a new phone.   6 days later they sent back my working phone.  Learned a few weeks later the LG4 had a well known "bootloop" problem.   Before the repair a few "double taps would work.  Starting a month or so after getting phone back, the problem got lots worse.


              Thanks again.  Will report back on possible app.  I assume they would be on "Google Play".


            Just tried a quick search on Google Play.  Did not seem to find anything.   Can you point me to a possible "unofficial" source?  It's worth a try to avoid facing the prospect of spending $700 for a new phone.


              • I haven't found an app that allows a double tap ON, only double tap OFF.  This has to do with app permissions which work when the screen is on, but not off and or locked.


                Pushing the power button for several seconds would prompt a restart menu and double pressing it would just turn it on and off or off then on, depending if the screen was on or off at the time.


                For what it's worth, the G4 isn't likely to be updated anytime soon if at all to a new version of the OS.  The bootloop issue was extreme enough for LG to stop support for the phone after warranties expired.  Since it is not a software issue it wouldn't be easy for LG to rectify any issue given the hardware is at fault and is a physical fix rather than virtual fix.

            • The G4 does have a physical button, on the back, between the volume up and down buttons.