why cant anyone see my emojis


    why cant anyone see my emojis

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: why cant anyone see my emojis

        Hey sherriruffolo45!  Different manufacturers come with different stock emoji keyboards, so frequently the emoji that you send will look different on a friend's device, or if there's no "equivalent", it won't show at all.  Some friends and I recently spent *way* too much time goofing around in an IG group chat seeing what each other's emoji looked like - one person would send a dragon, everyone would screen shot what they saw and post it, etc.  All this to say - if you're using an iPhone, and your friends all have Android devices, and you send an emoji that their Android keyboard hasn't assigned an equivalent to, they'll probably see a rectangle with an X through it.  That's even going to vary Android to Android - my LG device's interpreted emoji look different from a friend's Samsung in many cases.  Now, if that's happening with _all_ emoji that you send, regardless of who they're sent to, I think that might be a different problem.

        What kind of phone are you using, and are you having this problem with the native messaging app or something else?  Are the emoji you're trying to send from the stock emoji keyboard, or from something you've downloaded?


        - Marissa