A feature you have and may not know it.


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    I am fairly active, here on the community forums. 

    I didn't realize some number of LG and Samsung phones have "automatic" video calling.  It seems to have been available for several months.  

       I never noticed, but on the dial pad are TWO icons.  One, is a "phone" icon, the other a "video" icon.   If I "dial" with the video icon, the call goes thru as quickly as a regular voice call.  The recipient sees me live and I see her/him as soon as call is answered.


      You have to be on wifi or LTE and both phones have to be on the list of elligible phones.  More phones are supposed to be added in future.


    Do have question -  How much data is being used on such a call?

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      • snn_555

        Re: A feature you have and may not know it.

        Depends on video quality. Higher quality means more data. I used 80MB in 15 min on a strong LTE connection using an 8MP  camera on their end and an 8MB camera in my end.

          • miket

            Re: A feature you have and may not know it.

            So - are you saying it depends on the quality of the front facing camera on your phone?   Makes sense.  Since this feature is only on high end phones, they would mostly have high quality cameras.

            Actually doesn't sound like it burns lots of data.  Quality could be affected by slow UP load speeds on wifi.  Eg. Comcast limits uploads on their most expensive plans to 5Mb even if DL is 25 or 50.  

          • dragon1562

            Re: A feature you have and may not know it.

            The amount of data used is dependent on the resolution being streamed not the actual camera quality. You can have a 4k camera but if the connection is not fast enough to handle said resolution it will just down scale like Skype or Facebook messenger does. The reason is because it prioritizes the call/audio over video.