plan not eligible for LTE


    HI. SO I'm trying T-Mobile. Travel a lot internationally so very pleased with T-Mobile international plans compared with our standard supplier. Started off with a cheap phone then moved the SIM into an old 4G iPhone I had. Finally was able to get my 6+ unlocked. But here is where I'm stuck.


    I put the T-Mobile SIM in my 6+. Phone, text, they work fine. BUT when I turn on LTE, I get on a webpage a message that "this plan doesn't support LTE, click here to upgrade plan." But the plan does support LTE (it's the Simple Choice North America, 2GB).


    Did some searching and it said things about the APN. Well, can't set the APN as that is carrier pushed by T-Mobile. Reset Network settings on iPhone. So I reset network settings. Still same message.


    Ideas? Suggestions???



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