A TMobile rep lied and now I have to use my time to travel back to the store and resolve it. So there is no 18 year loyalty promotion? TMO, I thought you were better than that.


    I went to a TMobile store an hour away to ask about removing a line from one of my ipads.


    The sales rep talked me into upgrading my ipad and said that a new one would be arriving at my home by mail in 2 days.


    He also sold me a pair of earbuds and a bluetooth keyboard, adding $10 extra a month to my bill. He said that I would actually pay $12 a month less because there was a promotion for my 18 years of loyalty to the company. (I was with Voicestream and Aerial back in the 90s). Well, there is no promotion so color me stupid.


    Then I got a text message stating that I'd added 2 more lines to my account. I didn't do that.


    So TMobile thinks its loyal customers are chumps?


    TMobile needs to remove those charges from my account.

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