nougat update galaxy s7 drops live animated wallpapers alltogether?!  Why? why drop features to make a product worse than before updated?


    is it just laziness on T-mobile's part?  for other Nougat updaters out there, live animation wallpaper's are still an option, but for Nougat on T-mobile?  Nope.. totally killed off.  WHY?!  why does T-mobile gotta make things difficult and worse for customers?! If it ain't broke... don't fix it.  Many people like myself enjoyed having the live wallpaper at least as an option - but no apparently T-mobile wants to lock down, control and decide for everyone what is good.  nice.  just add it to my list of reasons I'm not liking the network anymore.  I could see dropping it if there was an actual reason, but there isn't.  Got plenty of bloatware though!  At least that was kept on there! lmfao at the stupidity of corporate executives that make dumb decisions like this just to justify there jobs.. idiots. 

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