How long does it take for T-Mobile specialist to respond to a twitter message?


    I am not getting my credits for the 2 FREE LINES i signed up for during the Black Friday promotion.... I waited patiently to see the credits in my account... but its going into my 4th billing cycle and im still being charged $80 for both lines ($40 dollars each free line + taxes + fees).


    I thought these lines were free?


    I contacted Tmobile on Twitter... and im waiting for a response...




    Mr. Patiently Waiting

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey barcodeable! They are usually pretty fast at replying. No more than 15 min and that is if they are really busy!

        • barcodeable

          Im considering going to Verizon after dealing with T-Mobile Specialist on Twitter....  I will pay more, but maybe their reps won't lie to me.


          During the black friday promotional deal to get 2 free lines.... i signed up for the 2 free lines within the promotional period. T-mobile sent me my 2 simcards. I waited a couple of weeks to get the simcards and when I received them I activated them. I have waited as I said patiently waiting for the 3rd bill cycle to roll around so i can see my bill credits. But they never calculated these credits on my bill. The Tmobile (Twitter) rep tells me because I got my simcard after the promotional period Im out of luck.... im very disappointed in T-Mobile. When i oredered the 2 free phone lines.... the tmobile rep stated to me over the phone that i will get the 2 free phone lines because it is documented in the system that i purchased them within the promotional period. I specifically asked what if it takes longer than expected to get my simcards....will i still get the promotional 2 free line deal.... i was told yes, because it is documented that you ordered it within the promotional time frame, not to worry.....


          now im worried because i was paying full price for these so-called free phone lines amounting to approximately $210 dollars..... and the T-mobile twitter rep says.... sorry there is nothing i can do.....




          i just sent a message telling the Twitter Rep how upset i am that the previous rep lied to me.... if they can't fix this mishap.... im leaving tmobile to go to Verizon.... i will be paying more for the services i need... but i will have peace of mind that Verizon reps won't trick me when it comes to promotional deals.....


          BYe T-Mobile