I want to know if this is possible:


    - I have two "physical" cellphones.

    - On each cellphone, I want both a separate phone number and a combined "family" number that both cellphones can both answer and make calls from


    I know the above is possible with Digits but, strangely enough, I cannot seem to find the following feature with Digits.


    - I want to be able to transfer and merge calls from one separate phone number to the other physical cellphone.


    Strangely enough, it's this last feature that seems to be impossible even though it's the most basic feature with Digits.

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      • azdreamscape

        Re: Mix-and-match

        Some of that is possible!

        Calls to a number ring on two (or more!) devices, no problem.


        Transferring calls is seemingly not possible right now when using any device with a SIM card in it.

        You can transfer a call from your computer or tablet to your phone, but not from the phone to your computer or tablet.


        In my experiments the naming of the devices to transfer to was a bit cryptic (and inconsistent), depending on where you were transferring from...but it does work.


        I have not attempted to merge any calls, so I can't address that question.

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          • tmo_chris

            Re: Mix-and-match

            Hey WLT,


            azdreamscape is correct on the limitation of transferring calls as it can only be done from the DIGITS application like the web client to another device. As far as merging calls, are you looking to do this within the DIGITS app itself or through the native phone client?

          • tmo_marissa

            Re: Mix-and-match



            This thread was the product of our fantastic collaborators during DIGITS Beta! As many terms have changed and bugs have been exterminated since the Beta launched, the information here may no longer be accurate. If you still have a question, please search our active threads or ask a new question in the DIGITS space!