about the recent expansion in SE WV


    with the T-Mobile expansion in SE WV any idea when will their service be available in 25962? Currently i am now only about 7 miles west of their coverage (which is NOT roaming) and am ready to switch from AT&T. also note that this area is in a T-Mobile 700 MHz Block A market (Staunton, VA-WV)

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      • stevetjr

        Re: about the recent expansion in SE WV

        You are correct that there is 700A in 25962 or at least part of it based on Map of T-Mobile's 700 MHz spectrum but show that Rainelle is right on the edge of the 700 A Block spectrum T-Mobile has so not sure if they can pop a tower up in Rainelle being that close to the end of their spectrum holdings.  Looks like Sam Black Church has been turned on for Band 12 (700A) and there appear based on the coverage map a few spots in Rainelle that have "fair" (which is intermittent usually) so not sure if they can run another tower out farther towards Rainelle or if Sam Black Church is as far as they can go with the 700.  They (T-Mobile) have said they are bidding more aggressively in the 600 auction where they don't have 700 so that would be the next hope. 

          • oldsoul1989

            Re: about the recent expansion in SE WV

            i know the town of Dawson is at the end of the Greenbrier county line as well along I-64 and has T-Mobile Coverage. i am moving to another state here soon where T-Mobile has got coverage all over of the Fayette County line where it goes to a different market. i don't expect to have good service up Rt. 20 but at least in the towns of Rainelle and Rupert. the only carrier besides AT&T that offers service here is Sprint (which has a tower above my house) and the horrible USCC.