LG V10 Bootloop, PLEASE help.


    About two weeks ago my LG V10 started heating up and had turned off unexpectedly, now the phone is in the dreaded boot loop. I have tried everything, but to no avail; battery in and out, sim card and SD card in and out, master reset, nothing is working to get past this problem. the closest I have gotten is the setup screen which reverts back to the boot loop after about a minute. I decided to contact customer support prior to this and the person I spoke to tried to help me by guiding me through the reset process, but ultimately this didn't solve the problem. I could not exchange my phone since apparently my warranty expired which left me the only option of buying another phone; astonishing. This V10 is only a year and three months old. wondering if anyone at T-Mobile could further help with my problem before I have to fork over another hefty bill for a smartphone.

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      • I tried many avenues with support to find a way to replace the phone at less than full cost.  T-Mobile only sells the phones and offers help when under warranty or with handset protection.  All they could really point me to were lower cost phones and new EIPs.  This is to be expected though, since in reality, after the sale, you deal with the manufacturer.


        Bottom line:  You either pay out of pocket to repair the V10 or purchase a new phone either on T-Mobile, a manufacturer's site, or 3rd party reseller site.

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          Re: LG V10 Bootloop, PLEASE help.

          That possibly means the operating system got corrupted somehow or you have some internal hardware problem. This isn't supported by t mobile but you can try manually flashing the stock software from a computer to see if that resolves it.  You can follow the steps in the link to help with that.


          • Also to add:  the LG G4 and V10 were the 2 devices that suffered the most from the bootloop defect where constant hot/cold cycles from use and charging resulted in disconnects between the internal components due to weak and defective soldering which was never caught during quality control.  There is unfortunately only one way to repair this and that is through disassembly and repair, either by a knowledgeable user or by using a repair facility.

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              Hey mancheeta - I'm so glad to see you had a swarm of smart folks chiming in here.  I'm a V10 user and these threads give me the creeps.  I'm so sorry about your phone.
              If you're out of warranty, but you're experiencing a bootloop, I do think your best course of action is to contact LG and see if they're able to exchange it for you even though you've passed the original year.  Please keep us posted on how this turns out, we've seen a few bootloop posts now and would love to know what the manufacturer's able to offer in the event that you're not covered for the warranty we support.  Crossing my fingers that they're able to repair or replace!


              - Marissa

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                  Re: LG V10 Bootloop, PLEASE help.

                  Hi tmobile,

                  I am so sorry to disrupt the conversation , but It really sucks that T-mobile noticed this problems and did not recall the handsets, I have a bricked v10 , I contacted LG, but I am still paying for that piece of paparweight now , i visited 3 tmo stores, and their reps, really got  fuzzy , they couldnt help , but blame to LG, I am a seller of merch ,and I am very responsible for what i sell, the quality of products, has to do with tmobile as well

                  I am so disturbed that this is going onuntil this very day