Why not enable the FM radio?


    It was announced over a year ago


    Today John Legere sent out a Tweet saying that T-Mobile is “saying yes to FM chip” and that the magenta carrier will “push our OEM partners to support!” The Tweet is in response to a campaign from NextRadio, a mobile app that lets you listen to radio stations on your smartphone, that called for T-Mobile customers to let Legere know that they wanted a working FM chip in their phones.



    Hey @NextRadioApp – We heard you! We’re saying yes to FM chip and will push our OEM partners to support! #sayyestoFMchip

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        Re: Why not enable the FM radio?

        Unlike the news that came out saying all devices has FM radio failed to mention. The chipset itself does support it, but it also requires other hardware to make it work.


        Some devices have it enabled but the manufacturer didn't put a FM radio app. Samsung for instance didn't but you can download a FM radio app like Next. The advanced features is what requires data but the standard features uses FM radio only.


        HTC 10 for example has no FM radio straight from HTC. It doesn't have all the hardware to make it work.


        As you can see it's not so cut and dry. Exactly what device do you have?