Any recourse after being lied to by T-Mobile representative to convince me to buy their service?


    I purchased a SIM card along with a $50 Simply Prepaid plan at the T-Mobile store at 124 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001 last month.


    I did this after explaining to the representative that I lived abroad and needed the ability to suspend my account, not be charged while abroad, and re-activate it upon returning to the U.S. He told me that would be no problem as long as I added funds to the account on a semi-regular basis to prevent it from being deactivated.


    I explicitly asked whether I would need to pay on a monthly basis to keep the line or whether I would just need to fund the account to keep it activated. He lied and said I would simply need to fund the account and would not be required to pay anything using the funds until I re-activated the plan.


    I just tried to do what I was told by the representative I could do and find out it is not possible and keeping the line will require a minimum payment of $3 per month. I have no plans to do this as I am not interested in paying money to a company that lied to me to convince me to purchase their product.


    Has anyone had a similar experience? Did anyone successfully reach someone in the T-Mobile organization who recognized treating customers this way is not good business and went out of their way to fix a similar issue?


    Thank you in advance for any help.

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