Lapidary Interests


    Does anyone have any interests in the field of lapidary?

    Been slowly sucked into this new world.....have a pile of old equipment and in some instances have no idea what to do with it.


    Love to hear of others suffering from Rock Pocs




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      • wtssuperpower

        Re: Lapidary Interests

        A geology nut here......I've always been fascinated by rocks, all rocks, not just the pretty ones (although finding semi-precious minerals here in the Northern Rocky Mountains is one of the things we be famous for - The Gem State)


        My interests run more toward ancient environments and their remains....   I love to dig about in the Eocene lakebed seds found in one of the road cuts in my area.  Tens of millions of years of repeated lava flows tend to erase a lot of those things I find so precious, kind of a rough neighborhood for wildlife in those days....


        I've not managed to collect anything which deserved the attention of a lapidary, but do dream of the possibility.


        Nice to meet you, @tmo_darren



          • tmo_darren

            Re: Lapidary Interests

            Hi wtssuperpower,


            Very cool, we are fortunate to be living in the PNW!

            Walking around Mt St Helens is an awe inspiring experience

            Thanks for sharing

              • wtssuperpower

                Re: Lapidary Interests

                Wow......  I can only imagine what that may be like... 

                   I wonder what the stratigraphy is like after 33 years.  I mean, I can look it up, but being there in person to lay hands on it is another thing entirely.  It would be fascinating to observe the changes as one moves closer to the 'ground zero', as it were. 


                   One thing we do have here closer to home is the fascinating Belt Supergroup..... some of the Precambrian rock exposures are *billions* of years old.  One such exposure comes courtesy of a (geologist's best friend) road cut, which draws students from universities as far away as your neck of the woods, @tmo_darren. 


                  Do you venture into the field for material to lap?  What is your most treasured find, or creation? (if you care to share such things, that is).  


                I'm completely down to talk rocks, always.