T-Mobile Account for Someone Living in Hong Kong?


    My fiance is living in Hong Kong and will be moving to the U.S. in June. She currently has coverage in HK through SmartOne. Unfortunately, the screen on her phone just went bad and she has to replace the phone. Rather than have her get another phone and service in HK, we wondered if it would made sense (and work), if I was to get her a phone here in the U.S. with T-Mobile service and then ship it to her. She rarely makes a phone call on it, and only uses it to chat and talk on WeChat or WhatsApp or FB Messenger. Does it make sense to to that? Will she have to be connected to Wi-Fi for it to work? When I"ve been over there with my phone - I got no coverage except for when I was on Wi-Fi. Help! I need guidance so we hopefully don't have to buy her two phones in the span of a few months.  Also, could we port her HK phone # to the T-Mobile US account?  Thanks!

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      • e2k

        Probably won't work. If you are outside of the USA for more than 50% of the time for 3 months, the line is subject to termination. I suggest buying an unlocked phone that will work in both countries (e.g., iPhone, Google). When she moves to the USA, just switch carriers & SIM cards. You will not be able to port a Honk Kong # to T-Mobile USA.