Is the iPhone better for international roaming


    I bought a ZTE ZMax pro at a T-mobile store only to find that it would not connect in Japan. I spent several long Skype conversations with tech support from Japan. I even went to a T-mobile store to get a new sim card while laying over in Los Angeles. Nothing worked. I called T-mobile when I got home to check on the progress of my ticket. The rep quickly referred me to the following T-mobile page: International Plans | Traveling Abroad without Roaming Fees | T-Mobile   This page allows you to search by phone to check compatibility. The phone is not compatible with T-mobile's roaming partner in Japan.


    I did some more searching such as at - Check if your phone works on a network and the iPhone seems to offer the best set of frequencies and bands. As much as I like the inexpensive Android phones, I think that I might be changing to an iPhone 7 for international roaming capability. I also travel to many other countries and simply want something that is likely to work without having to do a matrix of which phones match which countries that I might travel to.


    Any opinions?

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      • I switched from the ZTE Zmax Pro to an iPhone 7 Plus.  I can't even give that ZMP away .  It was designed for MetroPCS, and for local markets stateside rather than international use.  True though, it's bands/frequencies compatibility is rather slim compared to flagship phones.

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            Depending on the make and model IPhones can indeed be the best device. The truly best iPhone to have is the iphone 7 with the qualcom modem since it supports CDMA networks like Verizon and Sprint. China is know for its use of CDMA tech as well as South Korea. The reason IPhones are so good is because there tends to only be one or two variants for any generation. A GSM model and a CDMA model and in the case of the 6s gen one model that supported everything at the time.


            Android phones do exist that are good for travel like the Google Pixel which comes unlocked when buying from Google and the S7 from Samsung is another strong contender. Overall I'm sure you will enjoy your iphone and if you travel as much as you say then its best not to skimp out on something as important as your phone.