Continue The Music, One Line at a Time

    Music is fairly important to a lot of people and finding new music is sometimes a happenstance of sorts.  I know I have discovered new music just by searching a lyric and even by one song's lyrics reminding me of another, then I find a remix, then a new band from that remix, and further down the rabbit hole I go.  Before long, you have a slew of new favourites and even reminders of long-forgotten songs that bring back old memories.


    So, I'll start with one line and then the next person add a line from a different song that reminds them of that song.  Try to keep it relevant to the preceding line of lyrics.  Don't worry, as time goes by and more responses are added, it'll take a different direction.  You can even leave a short quip in (parentheses) that explains how your line and the last line connect. 


    Of course, keep it clean.

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