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Unable to log into DIGITS


    Lots of Digits problems after Nougat update.  Phone (Galaxy S7 Edge) updated to Nougat this morning and digits stopped working.


    Was able to get the program started again by going into Apps and clearing the data.  Now that the app starts it will not detect phone number, it asks me for my phone number so that it can SMS me a verification code, but I never get a verification code (3 attempts now) - this did work previously.


    Also, Nougat keeps telling me that this app needs to be updated in my notifications.


    So far, can't get a verification code and can't get past that point in the app.

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      • doment

        Re: Unable to log into DIGITS



        Apparently when Nougat updates, all (or some?) app permissions are reset.  You must open the messages app for it to ask for all of the permissions again or you won't get SMS messages.  Also, you must go to your app settings and "clear data" on the DIGITS app and restart it (and provide all of the permissions again).  After this it appears to be working again.