LG3 Black Screen of Death


    Its been 2 weeks since i've had the BSD on my LG3. My husband and i tried a factory reset, new battery and a screen reset. Its only gotten worse. i cant make a phone call to TMobile to get a lender phone. The phone is already paid off and the warranty isn't valid anymore. I dont want to upgrade yet since the LG6 should be getting announced the end of this month and thats the phone i really want.


    Does anyone have a solution to the BSD?

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        You can save money over a repair by buying a cheaper temp phone like the LG Aristo or stylo pre-owned or the Coolpad Catalyst, or even someone else's old phone, check Swappa com, or local ads on Facebook, but T-Mobile does not offer loaner phones.

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          Re: LG3 Black Screen of Death

          Hey swindy - not that there's ever a convenient time for your phone to tank, but it sounds like your G4 has really chosen an inopportune moment to go blue.  Did it ever come back on?  I know you tried almost everything under the sun, but I didn't see any mention of connecting the phone to a laptop or desktop and trying to bring it back using LG's software - did you guys give that a go?  snn_555 has a good suggestion if you're wanting to wait for the next LG device.  While we sometimes offer a loaner program for customers who are waiting on back-ordered warranty replacement equipment, even in that scenario, not every store stocks them - and it's not an open-ended process.

          There are a few alternatives that we can recommend - do you or someone else in your family have an older phone on hand that you could use for the time being?  Are you by any chance carrying insurance on your line?  I ask because most of the insurance programs you can add through T-Mobile include a warranty extension, so maybe you still could complete a warranty exchange and then you'd have a working phone until the one you want comes out.

          The last option you could consider would be contacting the manufacturer directly to see if they're able to repair your existing phone.  Caveats: not all manufacturers can do this, and those that do may only offer a repair program in certain scenarios, and there may be a fee since the warranty's expired - but as a last resort, it can't hurt to ask!


          - Marissa