Does binge on count against data when screen casting to a tv?


    I got a message the other day when watching a show on Amazon Prime on my phone and screen casting through Roku.  The message said my data was being used.  I was not tethering through hot spot.  I was using cell data on my phone and sending the picture to the roku/tv, not the data.

    I spoke to a TMo rep today and am still confused.  She was talking about the 28GB limit before my data would be prioritized.  Does this mean than my 6GB LTE family plan data was unused but my 28Gb limit was being used?  As I understand it, I still have my 6GB LTE available, but my binge on data would be prioritized if over 28gb for my billing cycle?

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      • tmo_chris

        This is a great question. A simple screen cast should not count as data used against your high-speed bucket but I am not exactly sure how a Roku would accept the cast. If it is taking over and just using the data from the phone to stream Amazon Prime (using mobile hotspot) this would count against your high-speed allotment. As of now, the only supported methods for smart phone mobile hotspot and Binge On streaming is when the phone is connected to a PC, Laptop, tablet, or another cellular device.


        As for your total internet usage, if you are streaming through the approved methods, you will not see your high-speed allotment depleted. However, your total data usage is still monitored and there is the possibility that your high-speed data will be de-prioritized but only if you are in an area where there are competing network demands or congestion. You can find more information about how we manage data usage in our "Open Internet Disclosures"

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          • thebub1967

            Thanks Chris.  As far as I know, Roku is only broadcasting what is on my phone.  I can go to a home screen on my phone and that shows on the tv.  It is not using the data so I should be fine.

            Just this weekend I developed another related problem.  The phone will not link to the screen cast any more.  The phone keeps turning wif back on, and the reason I'm screencasting binge-on sites is that our Comcast internet is horrible.  When the wifi goes back on the phone, the Comcast connection takes over and we get bad service again.  What can I do?