S-voice texting issue


    So, when I use S-voice to input the text, and assuming I like what it thought I said, I hit 'SEND'.


    I then get a 'warning' that the watch's number is not available, and the phone's number will be used.

    OK, thanks, I get it.

    But it happens EVERY time I use S-voice!




    If I use the canned responses, I don't get any 'warning'.


    I'm not sure this is really DIGITS related, but if anyone has a solution, I'd be most grateful.

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      • azdreamscape

        Re: S-voice texting issue


        Forgot to mention this is happening on my Gear S3.

          • azdreamscape

            Re: S-voice texting issue

            OK, got it figured out.

            Apparently there is a bug in the firmware of the watch.


            When the watch is connected by Bluetooth to the phone (with a good signal), I need to be 'warned' that a text will be sent from the phone's number, because the watch's number is unavailable.

            All good if it weren't happening with each and every message!

            If the watch is not connected by Bluetooth, the message goes out immediately.


            I'm calling it a bug, because outgoing calls get no such warning, even though 'the Gear number is not available'.

            I would think the outgoing number used for a call would be at least as important as that used for a text.


            In any case, it's inconsistent for the warning to show up for texts only.