Would love to see more support for the TM-AC1900 WiFi Cellspot Router

    Like most users, I like to keep my equipment updated when possible, but the Asus website no longer supports this router and there aren't even options for manual firmware or software updates.  Asus of course, points customers back to T-Mobile, and T-Mobile points us to the support page, which is mainly just information with no actual update support.  Wi-Fi CellSpot Router


    Given T-Mobile still leases/rents/sells this device, why are there no support or updates for the device and are there plans to keep/begin supporting it?  Mine works well, but there are a lot of new changes for the better for the RT-AC68U, for which the TM-AC1900 is based on.


    I know we have discussed the different update paths before between the two companies and that there are a few fundamental differences between the two routers, but I have never personally seen any updates on this issue or any idea of the direction it is taking or if there are plans to phase out this router (I see no reason to) and replace with newer technology.