iphone6 trade iphone7 is a fake promotion! Tmobile lied to us and took away my iphone6


      As every one I traded my iphone 6 for the iphone 7plus. I shipped my 6 on around November 2rd, I haven't recieved any email that the warehouse has ricieved my phone till now!

      The first time I called was on Thanksgiving day, they said my phone  is already in the warehouse, and I will get my credit back within one month!

      After a month, I still didn't recieved any notice about my phone, so I called  again, they said they could not find my phone  in the warehouse! It dissapear! They asked me if I have tracking number or not; that  is very funny because the post office told me that the return package of tmobil does not come with the tracking! Was that my probelm? They promised they will call me back in 10 days, but nothing after 10days! I called again of couse; this time they told me they have found my phone; and I will get my credit back before the second billing cycle.

      After that I called again(because they never called me back!), they told me that I still need to wait to the third biiling cycle to the six billing cycle!

    After the 3rd billing I still get nothing! I called to Tobile, they told me that  my phone has  LIQUID DAMAGE!!!!! They told me I won't get any credit to me! It means I have to pay the full amount of the iphone7 right now, and they took away my iphone 6 as well!!!! I am very angry this time! My iphone 6 never got liquid! It was in great using condition!! This is very rediculous company! They keep my phone in the warehouse for three months right now they just told me my phone got liquid damage!! I will put this to the Court and BBB! I don't like to be playing  fool!!

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      • tmo_marissa

        zhaomingsu, I am so sorry to read about the way this played out.  Not only does this experience sound terrible, but it seems like you put out an extraordinary amount of effort to find out what was happening here, and it took months to get an answer - I agree that is way too long. 
        Typically, when deferred (mail-in) trade-in equipment is evaluated and found defective in some way (if it has physical or liquid damage, doesn't power up, or still has FMiP/an activation lock enabled), the customer should actually be contacted by the vendor that evaluates the equipment and given the opportunity to get the phone back.  It's a small window, but it's my understanding that multiple messages are sent, and a customer should be able to view this information on MyT-Mobile as well.  If the ball was dropped on this matter, that's awful.  I don't blame you one bit for your frustration, and I definitely don't want you to think that it's anyone's aim to take advantage here. 

        The Support Community is a user forum, so we don't have the ability to take a look at your account to determine what happened here with your trade-in, but we definitely want to ensure everything possible is done to get you accurate information.  I know you haven't had the best luck getting a consistent answer when reaching out over the phone - are you comfortable interacting on social media?  Our Contact Us link includes the information for our social media team, T-Force - you can reach out to them on Facebook or Twitter, and the contents of the thread are still there even if you switch representatives or communicate over multiple days, so you should be easily able to reference previous interactions.  I'm going to send you a PM as well, which you can check here
        Thank you for taking the time to describe what's happened - please know that we will be passing along the feedback about your experience.


        - Marissa