Anyone having slow or no data around 3 - 6PM, Houston Gulfton area?


    I know this is fairly specific, but around this time, no matter what, my data is just shown one bar highlighted and flashing the up arrow, no down. Or vice versa and my browser or mobile apps will say no internet connection. It never fails and I do not understand what happens. During the rest of the day, it's fine until this time frame. Once I am out of this area, it picks back up. Per the coverage map, I should have excellent coverage because it's near the heart of Houston.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey frostfire - I'm sorry to read about the afternoon drag on your data!  This definitely sounds like network congestion - it comes and goes during peak network activity times, and "rush hours" are a common time of day for this kind of activity.  Have you had a chance to reach out to our Tech team so that we can do a quick service inquiry for you?  Typically, we'll be able to alert you if the network in a specific location is congested right away - and honestly, if we don't know it yet, we would love to have your report so that we can put in some plans to work on improving things!


        - Marissa