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    I'm on the multi line, one device beta test. I was using an S6 Edge with the Multi-Line settings since December and things worked great but I just changed to a Pixel XL last Thursday and started using the Digits app. The problem I've been having is that I lose mobile network and I need to reboot. At first I thought I had a defective phone but it appears the Digits app is the culprit as I had to do a factory reset and gradually put my apps back on.  Last night I reinstalled Digits and this morning all mobile network connectivity was lost: No T-Mobile indication in the upper left and the cellular strength indicator is an empty right triangle.


    Is anyone else having this issue?  Is this a known issue?  What does the DIGITS app do to the phone overall when you install and give it permissions? I really enjoy using DIGITS but I cannot put the app on my phone if at some point during day the phone goes offline and I cannot cannot receive any calls or texts.  Any suggestions?  


    Thank you.

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        Sorry that you are having issues here.  I've talked with the team on this end, and unfortunately they think it's very unlikely (impossible was the word used) that the DIGITS app is causing the network connectivity issues since the app isn't making any core OS changes to how the phone connects to the network - rather it does utilize the network in a greater capacity (if that make sense). This makes it unlikely that it's the app causing an issue rather it could either be an issue with the specific hardware, the overall signal strength in your location, the particular bands tor your location or the combination of those items. 


        What we believe is happening is that you're more aware of the fact that your losing network connectivity since the DIGITS app relies on having that connectivity and thus it likely appears that these two items are correlated, but not necessarily the root cause. 


        If you continue to have no issues without the DIGITS app installed, then you're likely going to have a generally good experience on the network, but it may be that you are not always connected to the network since your phone isn't being asked to be more responsive to network conditions.  One way to test out if it is your hardware would be to look at other applications that utilize the network in a more constant connectivity fashion (that don't necessarily buffer) to see if in fact it is always staying connected.


        Sorry that we couldn't say definitively that there is a known bug that would allow you to easily fix your situation.

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