Galaxy S7 Edge Home button and Recent Apps button no longer working when phone is unlocked.


    Yesterday my Galaxy S7 Edge home button and recent apps button stopped working when the phone is unlocked. I can use the home button to turn the screen on, fingerprint reading works, but when I am using the phone the home button does not take me back to the home screen. The recent apps touch button gives vibration feedback when I press it and the light comes on, but nothing happens.

    It also started asking me for a password to decrypt my phone each time I restarted it instead of just the normal password to access the phone. Not sure if the two are related, but they happened at the same time. I don't think I did anything to trigger the prompt to decrypt each time. I don't see any third party apps that would do that either.

    - I have tried turning it off and on again

    - I have tried clearing the cache by shutting down and on power up holding power, volume down, home and selecting clear cache from the menu that comes up.

    - I have tried booting into Safe Mode, although I am not sure if it did it right. it shows safe mode on the "enter password to decrypt your phone page, but it's not a button and it goes away after I put the password in.

    - I contacted T-Mobile support through chat and they said I would have to call in. At that point I would rather go into a store.


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