$0 downpayment andJUMP program?


    I have made 11 on time payments if I make my next payment in advanced will I qualify for $0 downpayment for any device? If so how much will it be to upgrade to the JUMP program?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: $0 downpayment andJUMP program?

        Hey lj61694!  Congratulations on being so close to fulfilling the requirements for $0 Down for All, and thank you for making all of those payments on or before your due date!  You're almost there - but I do want to give you a heads up that since this program requires not just twelve consecutive on-time payments but also twelve months of tenure, it can take until the thirteenth month (so basically, the month after you've made that twelfth payment) for your internal credit standing to be updated to "Well Qualified".  You should be able to watch the progress on the counter on My T-Mobile - have you had a chance to take a look there?  Do you have any questions about phones you might be considering for your upgrade when the time is right?


        - Marissa