How do I block a specific number from calling or texting


    How do I block a specific phone number from calling or texting

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      • agb

        from the phone app, press More then settings. About half way down the screen is the call blocking link. Press the link and go to the block list, then press log. Find the number you want to block and press the + key next to it.


        Similar thing for messages (assume you are using the stock app). Press more, block messages, block list, inbox.

        • tmo_marissa

          Hey mrs.moore - I am so sorry to read that your family's being harassed - it's hard enough when something like this happens to you, but it's exponentially more frustrating when it's happening to the people you love.
          We don't have a way to do this through the app, per se - you can block numbers on many of the devices that are sold these days, so you could go through each person's phone to see what options there are.  T-Mobile does offer a service called Family Allowances that allows a Parent Line to block up to ten numbers per line for each line on the account, but I want to be up front: this service does have a monthly charge, and will only work on the network; it won't block calls or messages coming in over WiFi or when you're domestically roaming.  As another possible solution, many of our users here have mentioned third party apps they've downloaded to block calls and messages from unwanted parties across the board - again, this would take some tech work on your part as you'd need to do it on every phone individually, and also, staying transparent - T-Mobile can't support third party applications, and giving a third party app access to your dialer is not my favorite thing to recommend.  However, when you're truly being harassed and your well-being is at stake, I want to make sure you know of all available options. 
          Please let me know if you have any additional questions, we're happy to help however we can.


          - Marissa