Why is tmboile slack on the samsaung s7 nougat update?


    I am very disappointed in you TMobile. Very disappointed in the service you are giving your Samsung customers. Why is that you are one of the carriers that hasn't given Samsung Galaxy S7 customers their Nougat update yet? This update came out in December and you've had almost 2 months to roll this update out. I do not CARE for bloatware/ preinstalled TMobile apps, all I want is the long promised UPDATE. Why is it that you guys can't just release the update and then make it OPTIONAL to download the "Tmobile Exsulive" apps. I'm pretty sure most customers, Andriod at least, don't even use half the features that come preloaded. This S7 has been my first actual premium quality phone that's good in everything BUT the bloatware that comes preloaded in the phone. If it weren't for the fact that I'm contract with you guys and have to pay monthly for the bill (which I'm trying to pay off as fast as possible to get rid of this phone), I would have sold this phone, traded, or done SOMETHING to it so I could switch to Apple which doesn't have as bad as a problem as Tmobile does with their andriod devices. I highly doubt I can get a refund or do some type of trade in that would give me back even a fraction of my money or make a significant dent in the price of buying a new iphone plus, so I'm just going to have to ride it out till I pay off the phone and go from there. You're seriously doing a huge disservice to your customers Tmoible. I'm a very reasonable man so i'll hear out your side of all this. But keep in mind this disservice has me hellbent on switching to apple and not buying it from tmobile js (like 99%)

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      • theartiszan

        Samsung hasn't released it yet. Samsung only had the beta program last year. None of the USA carriers have 7 for the s7 yet. This has nothing to do with T-Mobile. There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into getting a update released. Apple does the exact same thing. It only appears for their release to take less time since they don't announce anything till it's already basically completed.

        • olaade

          I'd like to concur mainly due to the fact that if you check the Samsung galaxy S7 threads, you'd see that plenty of people who weren't in the beta program have the update. And you may think "Well if he's so impatient why doesn't he just flash it?" well, I'm usually playing the extremely safe route of not messing with the software on my phone so that I qualify for all and anything that falls under warranty.


          And on the sub, most people are saying what I'm saying. I'll link you so you can see as well:



          And I'm almost confident that T-Mobile will add some useless crap that no one uses or wants. I'm confident that the vast majority of owners don't use the preloaded bloatware mainly because it doesn't interest them or there are apps that severely out class them. The only good preloaded Tmobile app is Visual Voicemail. And you might also be thinking "Gee why doesn't he just uninstall the bloatware?" well mainly because I don't think customers should be forced to take what they don't want or use. Like when you buy the phone or later down the road, they should allow software udates to ask the customer if they want to add the bloatware rather than making it come preloaded.


          And lastly, Apple does a wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better job when it comes to bloatware. Iphone aren't loaded with crap like Tmobile TV or T-mobile name ID.


          I'm a andriod fan boy but I'm never buying a andriod from TMboile again just because they have okayish financing options. Would just be better to save up and buy the unlocked version.

            • tidbits

              Added software is bull that it delays updates. It takes matter of hours to test. Also it is given to manufacturers in advanced. It's the longest telling lie that keeps getting passed around. Manufacturers could be like Apple and not put bloatware but that's what carriers pay into so YOU don't have to pay in. Ever wonder why Apple devices cost more? There's a lot of side deals that they don't make and also they have physical stores and employees. That is added costs which ends up on device costs. Android OEM actually make millions before their devices are even on store shelves, or on preorder.

              The reason why Samsung(or manufacturers in general) is always carrier features or governmental bodies. For example RCS. Major updates needs testing. I bet $1M that if they didn't test it and if affected 50% of the user base T-Mobile will get a huge amount of flack for it. Shoot just 5% of the user base would be enough flack for something out of their control. You can see it here from time to time. A nexus device someone brings from Google and it doesn't work then 40 pages later it's still all T-Mobiles fault. Three updates later from Google fixes the problem and Google admits finally it was their problem, and people still blamed T-Mobile for it months later.


              Wish things were more cut and dry, but there's a lot of things behind the scenes that the media or general public fail to mention or even understand about.

            • hochylora@gmail.com

              Just be glad they're not AT&T. AT&Ts released all of 3-4 updates total for the S7.

                • theartiszan

                  You are correct there. Currently Apple has a better way with the added software.  Google is working on that as well. But it has been down in the past multiple times that those software pieces don't really delay the release though. But things like Wi-Fi calling and volte can due the the extra verification and tests on top of development. With the pixel and devices going forward,  these applications are installed frosting during the setup process and you can uninstall them. So if manufacturers take up that approach,  it will start allowing end users to uninstall unwanted programs.