Samsung S7 Edge: cannot make call from secondary line


    The secondary line is ready to use and activated in "multi-line" settings. I can receive calls from this line. However, when selecting this secondary line to make calls, I can notice the call is quickly dropped soon after tapping the "call" button, and then the dialer changes to the primary line and proceeds with the call. Thus, any attempt to use the secondary line to make calls is switched to the primary line.


    I tried turning off Wi-Fi to force cellular calls, rebooting, but without success. I am not using the Digits app, but the native S7 Edge multi-line support.

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      • debjitjdv



        Please do the following steps:


        1.Deactivate the virtual line from multi-line settings.

        2. Log out from the multi-line settings and uncheck the box to delete any data related to multi-line settings.

        3. Go to my T-Mobile and into the multi line settings of virtual line. Remove any device assigned to the virtual line.

        4. Remove yourself from the virtual line.

        5. Then re-add your self to the virtual line.

        6. Re-login into the multi-line settings in your device and enable the virtual line.


        This should rehash the system. Please post what happens after these steps.

          • locksmithone

            Unfortunately the procedures did not work...


            I must clarify, however, that the secondary line (let's call it line B) I

            have activated on my device is not a virtual line, but one of the primary

            lines in my account (provisioned to another phone/SIM that is normally

            turned off). When I first went through DIGITS configuration, I added this

            line B as a secondary line to my phone. I then received an SMS message

            through my primary line A asking for permission to allow line B to be

            utilized on another device. I authorized it and line B became "ready for

            use" on my phone.


            Again, I can send and receive SMS messages to/from the secondary line B,

            and also receive phone calls from the secondary line B on my phone. Making

            calls from line B still does not work, as the call gets quickly switched to

            the primary line.

          • tmo_chris

            Hey locksmithone,


            It definitely sounds like something is off here! I am going to send you a private message so we can get this up to the support teams for a closer look.