Should I Upgrade My SimpleChoice 10GB Plan to T-Mobile One?


    I am currently on the Simple Choice North America 10GB plan with 8 lines. With this plan, we pay $200 + taxes ($120 for the first 4 lines, and $20/line thereafter). Based on my calculations, we pay about $30 in fees and taxes, so about $230/month. I get unlimited talk and text, data stash, Binge On, mobile hotspot, free overseas texting and roaming, etc. Of these 8 lines, 2-3 consistently use less than 2GB.


    Given this scenario, does it make sense to change our plans to the T-Mobile One plans? Based on my understanding, on the One plan, it's $120 for the first 2 lines, and $20/line thereafter (or $240 per month total, less Kick Back). Assuming two of the lines remained under 2GB per month, it seems as if the Simple Choice and One plans would be about the same cost (in fact, the One may cost less if 2 lines use less than 2GB per month).


    However, what would I be losing out on if I switched to the One plan? I understand that I'd get more data, but would lose Binge On and Data Stash.


    Just trying to get a better idea of which plan makes more sense for my family. Thanks!

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      • rbob

        No need for Stash, since it's unlimited data. Same for BingeOn, but you can't simply turn it off to get HD video streaming as you can with your current plan. Take a look at what you get with One Plus or One Plus International at extra costs to see if there are other extra-cost features that are already included in your current plan that you might miss. For example, there's unlimited tethering with T-mobile One, but limited to "3G" speeds (meaning really slow). You have to go to One Plus International at $25/month to get full-speed tethering.


        But when doing your figuring, remember that you can turn the "Plus" options on and off on a monthly basis, as you need them.

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        • dragon1562

          Binge on is something that is pre-built into the one plans. So if its something you enjoy you can continue to use it. However, since you will have a unlimited plan its a bit redundant and i would advise useing the higher resolution streams. As others have mentioned above on friday HD streaming will come included in the base one plan which is awesome and you can ironically thank Verizon for forcing T-mobile's hand on that one.


          I personally though would just wait and see what people say and really make sure before doing anything rash. I would just rock what you got atm and see if their is a real need or if you would miss say having the ability to hotspot large swaths of data at full LTE speed (assuming of course you had data in stash on top of the 10gigs).


          However your not really loseing anything to keep it short. All the uncarrier moves carry over into the one plans. I just know that for HD streaming you must activate a HD pass every 48 hours i believe.

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          • tmo_marissa

            Hey ocribeye - looks like you got some amazing suggestions here of things to consider before switching.  Do you have any questions or were you able to make a call based on this feedback?  I have to say, either way, I'm stoked that you asked the question - not just because it's better to consider things carefully first, but also because this thread will definitely be useful to others who are considering moving over to ONE thanks to all the phenomenal info collected here.  Let us know if you still need any assistance!


            - Marissa

            • dragon1562

              I just wanted to chime in and say that i did make the switch. It was a pain at first but well worth it. I'm saveing $20 bucks a month now and gaining access to a few features. Be wary of the promo + plan though because it is missing some of the things that the actual one + plan has. Specifically voicemail to text and unlimited go-go in flight wifi.


              Also you will lose the premium subscription for Napster if that was included in your older plan like it was mine. Its fine for my needs and everything is working like i wanted to so i'm super satisfied. However their is a question i have for this thread.


              Why does the HD data pass have 100 gb available to it and a expiration date?

              • ocribeye

                Thanks for all of your responses. I did the math myself, and I spoke to a T-Mo rep, and I decided to make the switch, as the price difference is only about $10-15 more w/ the One plan before I account for Kickback. If our data usage is consistent with the past 16 months, 2-3 lines will use less than 2GB in data, meaning that the One plan will actually end up being cheaper than our Simple Choice plan. Also, for our needs, we did not feel like we were missing out on any features.


                SimpleChoice North America 10GB Plan

                * Unlimited talk and text

                * 10GB of data per line, with Data Stash

                * free text and data in a # of foreign countries

                * 4G tethering

                * Binge On


                Price = between $228 and $230 per month after taxes (8 lines).


                T-Mobile One

                * Unlimited talk and text

                * Unlimited data (the rep I spoke to said you get "de-prioritized" if you use over 28GB)

                * free text and data in a # of foreign countries

                * 4G tethering (up to 10GB)

                * unlimited texting and one hour of free wifi Gogo In Flight (not sure if this was available on my old SimpleChoice plan, but I doubt we'll be using this much anyway)

                * No Binge On, but video streaming will be HD quality.


                Price = $240 per month (8 lines), which could be reduced by as much as $80 if all 8 lines used less than 2GB in a month. However, based on historical usage, I expect 2-3 lines will consistently use under 2GB. Even if 2 lines use less than 2GB, the One plan ends up being less expensive than our SimpleChoice North America 10GB plan.


                I wasn't receiving any additional discounts with my plan anyway, so, for us, switching to the One plan made sense.