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    Hi, I have read several posts about this, but didn't know if there were any updates.


    My primary line is an iPhone 7 Plus.  I have a DIGITS duplicate line (associated with my Gear S3 LTE watch) and am also using the DIGITS app on a Samsung phone, iPad and android tablet.


    I receive incoming call notifications on my iPhone but I am not receiving new visual voicemail notifications.  The voicemails are available as "saved" voicemail messages when I manually dial into voicemail, and they do show up in the voicemail tab of the phone app, but not as new messages and I don't receive notifications for them.  The voicemails do seem to work fine on the DIGITS app on my iPad and android tablet and I receive notifications for them.  Just not working right on the native IOS phone/voicemail app.


    Any luck getting this working with IOS?  Should I open a bug ticket on this?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: ios voicemail

        Hey douglasbfox, I wanted to check in and ask, is still an issue? I know there's been an update recently to help with improving this program. Can you give the iPhone a restart and see if it's still not receiving notifications?

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: ios voicemail

          Hi douglasbfox!


          Did you get your voicemail issue figured out yet? If so, let us know how you did it in case others have the same issue.

            • douglasbfox

              Re: ios voicemail

              Hi.  No, I am still having the same problem (visual voicemail notifications not working in IOS, and wonky visual voicemail behavior--can't delete voicemail and they reappear if I try to delete).  My workaround has been two-fold: 1) downloaded the DIGITS app on my iPhone and I use that to manage visual voicemail and 2) I can go to the My T Mobile site and use the menu to "refresh" my voicemail and that seems to clear the wonky visual voicemails. Sometimes i have to do that two or three times and also reboot my phone. 

            • tmo_chris

              Re: ios voicemail

              Hey douglasbfox,


              I am going to send you a private message so we can get a bug report sent up for this. Please reply to me when you have a chance.

                • douglasbfox

                  Re: ios voicemail

                  Chris, sorry for the long delay in responding.  I am still having an issue.  I am now only using DIGITS to duplicate my main phone number (iPhone 7 Plus) on my Samsung Gear S3 watch.  But still having the same wonky problems.  Calls to my iPhone, if unanswered, say "Call Failed" rather than "Missed Call".  I receive no notifications (badge icon or banner or alert) for new voicemails.  The voicemails are there in the Phone app and online as "saved" voicemails, not "new" voicemails.  And sometimes they can't be deleted.  I am using Google Voice now for voicemails as a workaround.

                • douglasbfox

                  Re: ios voicemail

                  Chris, I just called T Mobile to leave the DIGITS beta, and this cured the weird voicemail and call failed problems, so its definitely related to DIGITS.  All is working fine now, for better or worse.  Doug

                  • wer888

                    Re: ios voicemail

                    I don't dispute what anyone else is seeing, but I can definitely confirm you don't need Digits to reproduce this problem.


                    I think it's perhaps an unfortunate interaction between IOS visual voicemail (which has transcription now) and TMobile's voicemail-to-text feature. But it's impossible for the end user to know who's at fault.


                    If I sit and watch my phone app on my Iphone (7, IOS 10.3) when a voicemail comes in, here's what I see, all without me touching the phone at all:


                    1. You get an IOS notification for a missed call

                    2. Voicemail arrives, the voicemail appears as unread in visual voicemail with the dot and everything, and the badge on voicemail goes to 1

                    3. 2 or 3 seconds pass, then you get an IOS notification for a voicemail, and a text from TMobile with the voicemail transcription

                    4. Immediately the voicemail message in the phone app is marked as "read" (or heard, not new, whatever you want to call it) and the badge on voicemail disappears (indicating no new voicemails)



                    So the voicemail shows as new for a couple of seconds when it comes in, but then is automatically tagged as read... So you can't tell by looking if you have any unheard voicemails.


                    I'd be interested to know if the other people who had a voicemail problem actually experienced what I describe above.  Actually try watching your phone app while you leave a voicemail from another line.


                    I reported it to TMobile, and they said they'd look into it, and wanted me to report it to Apple.  I reported it to Apple, and they couldn't care less and said it must be a Tmobile problem.

                      • Re: ios voicemail

                        I do not get that error on 10.3 Carrier 28.3.


                        I get missed call

                        VVM notification

                        Can read transcription and listen

                        Then unmarks as new/marks as read


                        I get no T-Mobile notification


                        I do not subscribe to T-Mobile VVM with transcription or VM to text.

                      • tmo_marissa

                        Re: ios voicemail



                        This thread was the product of our fantastic collaborators during DIGITS Beta! As many terms have changed and bugs have been exterminated since the Beta launched, the information here may no longer be accurate. If you still have a question, please search our active threads or ask a new question in the DIGITS space!