Do I need a adapter to charge my phone (iPhone 7 Plus) in Ireland?


    I am going to travel to Ireland this fall and would like to know what if any do I need to keep my phone and iPad Air 2 charged while I am over there.  Anyone know the answers?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        That's an interesting question skykinglsmo.


        I did some searching, and I came across this site which does have some helpful information for folks charging their devices from the US. You should take a look at this link: Visit Ireland - Planning Your Trip: Electricity. From what I've seen, you probably will need an adapter, if you're charging your phone directly from the wall. Unless you plan on using a laptop to charge it. I also checked on Apple's website and found this link: Apple World Travel Adapter Kit - Apple. The Visit Ireland site does mention devices from the UK are mostly compatible to use there, and The Adapter Kit link I posted mentions the United Kingdom is a place you can use the kit. So if you were to get an adapter, my guess is the 3 pronged one in the that kit would be your best option. Hope this helps!

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        • stevetjr

          I have traveled quite a bit in Europe and was in Ireland a couple of years ago.  While I don't know Apple stuff specifically I know for instance all my Samsung chargers are 110-240 capable.  Just look on the charger itself and if you see 110-240 or 110-220 volts the charger will be fine.  The issue of course is the outlets and adapters for that, of course you can buy the Apple one but you can also go to most retailers in the US and by a set that works for any country for far less $$ (like 7-10 dollars) and they will work just fine as long as your adapter supports 110-240/220.   Also note that if you are staying in any western branded hotel (i.e. Hilton, Marriott and etc) most have 1 outlet usually in the bathroom that is a 110 US type outlet.