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    hhow to become the prim account holder

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      • gramps28

        Re: Primary account holder

        Be the owner of the account if it's a family plan.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Primary account holder

          Hey kevaun!  I hope you've already resolved this, but in case you're still having trouble, My T-Mobile permissions can be managed online, but the PAH is set during the initial My T-Mobile account registration process.  So when you first established your T-Mobile ID and created the web access, after the initial profile creation, the site should have asked you if you'd like to move forward to establish your line as the Primary Account Holder as well and then asked a few more questions for security purposes to confirm your choice.

          If you weren't able to move through that process, or the site goofed and didn't ask, or if somehow the wrong line got set up as the PAH, we can fix it for you on our side - just Contact Us and we're happy to help.  I hope you've already ironed this all out, though!


          - Marissa